Satellite receiving systems

We are able to install satellite receiving and distribution systems for apartments, houses, residential buildings or offices.

Our solutions are used with success in hotels or guest houses where the number of the clients (TVs) is very high.

We are also working with architects and designers in order to have the best solution for the client.


Data/voice, TV networks

We are able to perform cabling for TV/CCTV networks using coaxial cable.
For testing we are using PROMAX equipment 

We are able to perform data/voice structured cabling including Cat6a or Cat7a (with GG45 or TERA).
For testing and certification we are using IDEAL equipment.

For labeling we are using DYMO or at clients request.


BMS - automation for lights, HVAC, windows, AV, curtains, garden  - smart houses

We install automated systems for your office or home comfort, but also for an easier management of the resources. 

You can monitor and control your house, building or warehouse from the internet.

We are using equipment that let you control the:

> Lights
> HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning
> Shading systems - curtains, blinds
> Measuring and management of electricity, gas and water
> AV distribution
> other by request



Interphones or videointerphones, independent or connected to a BMS.

We are able to provide equipment for residential, office or industrial use.


Electrical works up to 380V/400V

We are certified for electrical works up to 400V, thus we are able to carry out the most electrical works from a house or a small or medium office building.

Equipment technical support and maintenance

We provide maintenance of all IT&C and electrical systems both old and new ones installed

SLA is established as required 


Testing and certification of data/voice, TV networks

We are able to test and/or certify old and new structured networks.

Prices are calculated depending on the category chosen, quantity and location.